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LifeClues Male Fertility Test


Format: Cassette


Sensitivity: 15 million sperm counts/mL


Specimen: Semen


“Problems conceiving are not just about women.”

One-third of infertile couples have male-related issues.

A study and survey regarding male and female in reproductive age in the United States have experienced fertility problems has founded :

Approximately 9% of men and 11% of women in the United States of reproductive age have encountered fertility issues​.


In 1/3 infertile couples, the issue lies with the male partner.


In another 1/3 of infertile couples, the cause remains unidentified or affects both partners.


In the remaining 1/3 of infertile couples, the issue lies with the female partner.

1: Chandra, A., Copen, C.E., & Stephen, E.H. (2013) "Infertility and Impaired Fecundity in the United States, 1982-2010: Data From the National Survey of Family Growth. National Health Statistics Reports, 67, 1-19.” Retrieved February 7, 2018 from


High Diagnostic Accuracy: 98.60% Referential Agreement

In a clinical evaluation involving semen samples from 215 individuals, the performance of the male fertility test was compared to counting of sperm under microscopes as the reference standard.


Diagnostic sensitivity: 100%

Diagnostic specificity: 93.18%

Overall reference agreement: 98.60%

On-Site Developed & Manufactured Raw Material

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LifeClues is a leading laboratory that specializes in developing the best antibodies for use in medical research and treatments. Our team of scientists are experts in the field and are continuously researching and innovating new ways of making our antibodies more effective and reliable.

How accurate is the Sperm Test?

What does it mean when I have a negative test result?

What does it mean when I have a positive result?

Can I still perform the test if my semen sample did not become a thin liquid after twenty (20) minutes?

The Test line at the Test region (T) was not visible within the five (5) to ten (10) minute time frame. It became visible afterwards, though. Does this mean my test result is actually a positive?

What else may cause errors in the test result?

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