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Beta-lactams, Tetracyclines and Sulfonamides 

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Beta-lactams, tetracyclines, and sulfonamides are classes of antibiotics widely used in veterinary medicine to treat bacterial infections in livestock. Residues of these antibiotics can be detected in animal-derived products such as meat, milk, and eggs. Improper use of antibiotics or insufficient withdrawal periods may result in the presence of beta-lactams, tetracyclines, and sulfonamides in food products, posing potential risks to human health, including allergic reactions and antimicrobial resistance. Hence, rigorous monitoring and control of antibiotic residues in food-producing animals and their products are imperative to ensure food safety and safeguard public health.

BTS 3 in 1 Combo

Proudly presented by Bioartron Diagnostics Inc., the Beta-lactams, Tetracyclines and Sulfonamides (BTS 3-in-1) Rapid Test Kit is an immunochromatographic assay adopting lateral flow technology and is designed for the onsite rapid qualitative detection of sulfonamides, tetracyclines and beta-lactams antibiotics residues in fresh raw cow's milk.

Ultra Sensitive

Detect target molecules at ultra-low concentrations using colloidal gold nanoparticles.

High Specificity 

Engineered for precise interactions, our assays minimize false positives for accurate diagnostics.

Instant Reaction

With rapid colorimetric response, results are delivered swiftly, enabling prompt interventions.

Beta-lactams, Tetracyclines
& Sulfonamides SUMMARY

Beta-lactam antibiotics contain a beta-lactam ring in their chemical structure. Beta-lactam antibiotics family includes penicillin derivatives (penams), cephalosporins and cephamycins (cephems), monobactams, carbapenems and carbacephems. Most beta-lactam antibiotics function by inhibiting biosynthesis of the cell wall. Beta-lactam antibiotics are usually applied for prevention and treatment initiated by susceptible organisms.

Tetracyclines are a class of antibiotics used as a treatment of infection caused by susceptible microorganisms including both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Tetracycline antibiotics could also be applied to infection initiated by chlamydiae, protozoans and rickettsiae. Tetracyclines are widely used in veterinary medicine to prevent malaria or treatment of anthrax.

Sulfonamides, an important class of synthetic antimicrobial drugs, is commonly used as a broad-spectrum antibiotic drug for the treatment of both human and animal bacterial infections. Sulfonamide antibiotics are not readily biodegradable and could possibly cause various side effects and allergic reactions. Sulfonamide antibiotics function effectively against gram-positive and certain gram-negative bacteria. Sulfonamide antibiotics function by competing with p-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) during the synthesis of folic acid which is essential for DNA replication, which inhibits bacterial DNA growth and cell division or replication.

sulfonamides, tetracyclines and beta-lactams antibiotics residues are founded in fresh raw cow's milk.

Beta-lactams, Tetracyclines and Sulfonamides PRINCIPLES

Antibody-Colloidal Gold Conjugate

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Beta-lactams-BSA, tetracyclines-BSA and sulfonamides-BSA conjugate antigen  and goat anti mouse IgG  are coated and immobilized on a reaction membrane.   

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Bioartron Beta-lactams, Tetracyclines and Sulfonamides (BTS 3-in-1) Rapid Test kit contains mouse monoclonal anti-beta-lactams, anti-tetracyclines and anti-sulfonamides antibody-colloidal gold conjugate pre-dried in the sealed microwells.  Beta-lactams-BSA, tetracyclines-BSA and sulfonamides-BSA conjugate antigen (on test zone) and goat anti mouse IgG (on control zone) are coated and immobilized on a reaction membrane.   


The principal of Bioartron Beta-lactams, Tetracyclines and Sulfonamides (BTS 3-in-1) Rapid Test is a solid phase, competitive inhibition immuno-chromatographic assay, in which beta-lactams-BSA, tetracyclines-BSA and sulfonamides-BSA would compete respectively with beta-lactams, tetracyclines and sulfonamides that may be present in fresh raw milk sample to be tested, for limited antibody binding sites. When the absorbent pad (sample end) is soaked with the liquid sample in the microwell, the liquid sample will then migrate via capillary action toward the test window where the test reaction occurs. The absorbent pad (sample end) should be removed when observing to avoid further absorption.

NC membrance.webp

Nitrocellulose Membrane

With precise molecular immobilization capabilities, these membranes ensure accurate and reliable detection of target analytes in our colloidal gold-based assays


Beta-lactams, Tetracyclines and Sulfonamides Rapid Test 

Test Kit Manufacturer      Bioartron Diagnostics Inc.

Test Kit Name                      Beta-lactams, Tetracyclines and Sulfonamides

                                                   (BTS 3-in-1) Rapid Test Kit

Product Number               BDR-F53-413T24

Limit of Detection            Please refer to the instructions 

Test Specimens                  Fresh raw milk

Type of Service                  Qualitative

Test Format                          Lateral flow strip

Instructions For Use

Comprehensive instructions with diagrams ensure precise usage for Beta-lactams, Tetracyclines and Sulfonamides detection.

Empowering users to maximize the potential of RDT with confidence.

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