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LifeClues’ Celebration of National Medical Laboratory Week 2024

Updated: May 27

LifeClues is excited to recognize our dedicated lab employees at Artron on this annual National Medical Laboratory Week. 

Our Laboratory crew consists of scientists, doctors, and technicians who test, analyze, and record samples to ensure that we provide premium-quality IVD products to customers. The expert service team is always available to provide technical support and advice, ensuring that our clients have a seamless testing experience. The production department and shipping team operate with great efficiency to fulfill orders and to ensure the timely provision of rapid tests to end users in Canada and many other countries worldwide. They deserve all the recognition and gratitude.

At LifeClues, all employees have equal opportunities to grow and thrive in their careers with a supportive and nurturing workplace environment. Staff have unlimited possibilities and opportunities while seeking to take part in the company’s initiatives in exploring next-level diagnostics technologies and overcoming diagnostic challenges in the industry.

Happy Med Lab Week. 

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