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Beta-lactams & Tetracyclines Combo

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Beta-lactams and tetracyclines are classes of antibiotics commonly used in veterinary medicine to treat bacterial infections in livestock. Residues of these antibiotics can be found in animal-derived products such as meat, milk, and eggs. Improper use of antibiotics or inadequate withdrawal periods can result in the presence of beta-lactams and tetracyclines in food products, posing potential risks to human health, including allergic reactions and antimicrobial resistance. Therefore, monitoring and controlling antibiotic residues in food-producing animals and their products are essential to ensure food safety and protect public health.

BT Combo

Beta-lactams & Tetracyclines Combo (BT Combo) Rapid Test Kit is an immunochromatographic assay adopting lateral flow technology and is designed for the onsite rapid qualitative detection of beta-lactams and tetracyclines antibiotics residues in fresh raw cow's milk.

Ultra Sensitive

Detect target molecules at ultra-low concentrations using colloidal gold nanoparticles.

High Specificity 

Engineered for precise interactions, our assays minimize false positives for accurate diagnostics.

Instant Reaction

With rapid colorimetric response, results are delivered swiftly, enabling prompt interventions.

Beta-lactams & Tetracyclines SUMMARY

Beta-lactams and tetracyclines are groups of broad-spectrum antibacterial agents indicated for use against a large variety of microorganisms including aerobic, anaerobic, Gram-positive and Gram-negative pathogenic bacteria, and some types of protozoa. Most common beta-lactam antibiotics, such as penicillins and cefalosporins, and tetracyclines are widely used in veterinary medicine and function as growth promoter additives in animal feed and to prevent or treat infection diseases of cattle.


Currently, the abuse of antibiotics and chemical residue inside the milk product has become a serious food safety issue worldwide. It can cause allergic reactions and the imbalance of intestinal microflora.  More seriously, drug resistance can be transferred to humans and cause tough clinical issues. To ensure the safety and quality of milk products, governments have set maximum residue limits for beta-lactams and tetracyclines in the dairy industry.

Aflatoxin M1 can be found in milk or milk products obtained from livestock that have ingested contaminated feed.

Beta-lactams & Tetracyclines PRINCIPLES

Antibody-Colloidal Gold Conjugate

Screenshot 2024-03-27 114942.png

Tetracycline-BSA conjugate antigen and beta-lactams-BSA conjugate antigen  and goat anti mouse IgG are coated and immobilized on a reaction membrane

Bioartron Beta-lactams & Tetracyclines Combo (BT Combo) Rapid Test kit contains mouse monoclonal anti-beta-lactams and anti-tetracyclines antibody-colloidal gold conjugate pre-dried in the reaction microwells.  Tetracycline-BSA conjugate antigen (on T1 test zone) and beta-lactams-BSA conjugate antigen (on T2 test zone) and goat anti mouse IgG (on control zone) are coated and immobilized on a reaction membrane.    

The principal of Bioartron Beta-lactams & Tetracyclines Combo (BT Combo) Rapid Test is a solid phase, competitive inhibition immuno-chromatographic assay, in which beta-lactams-BSA would compete with beta-lactams, and tetracyclines-BSA would compete with and tetracyclines that may possibly present in fresh raw milk sample to be tested, for limited antibody binding sites. When the absorbent pad (sample end) is soaked with the liquid sample in the microwell, the liquid sample will then migrate via capillary action toward the test window where the test reaction occurs. The absorbent pad (sample end) should be removed when observing to avoid further absorption.

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Nitrocellulose Membrane

With precise molecular immobilization capabilities, these membranes ensure accurate and reliable detection of target analytes in our colloidal gold-based assays


Beta-lactams & Tetracyclines
BT Combo Rapid Test 

Test Kit Manufacturer      Bioartron Diagnostics Inc.

Test Kit Name                      Beta-lactams & Tetracyclines (BT Combo) Rapid Test Kit

Product Number               BDR-F55-413T24

Limit of Detection            Please refer to the instructions 

Test Specimens                  Fresh raw milk

Type of Service                  Qualitative

Test Format                          Lateral flow strip


Empowering users to maximize the potential of RDT with confidence.

Instructions For Use

Comprehensive instructions with diagrams ensure precise usage for Beta-lactams & Tetracyclines detection.

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